Monday, September 10, 2007

The Daredevil finds God

Yesterday, I showed a DVD to my teen Sunday School class on the testimony of Robert Evel Knievel. Mr. Knievel was on the Robert Schuller broadcast on April 22, 2007. (I believe this date is accurate, I am relying on the date recorded on the DVD.) Mr. Knievel shared his story on his new found faith in Christ, and in his testimony he spoke of a joy that has overwhelmingly filled him. His countenence was glowing and beautiful. I was excited to see a man of his experience and age shine over the discovery of the grace and love of Christ. I too, have experienced this tremendous gift of uncomprehensible joy and peace.

Mr. Knievel, known for his intrepid spirit, has begun a journey that will hold for him many trials and testings that will require the use of his fearless nature. I have been walking along side of Christ for several years, although rewarding and fulfilling, it is without question the most challenging endeavor I have set my will to. It is right up there with marriage. Both of these committments can not be fully enjoyed or known until they have been endured over a substantial period of time. It is only after many years of working out salvation with fear and trembling,that one can begin to understand God's demands on their lives.

In philosophy, ethics are addressed in order to find the best way of living. Many sides are examined and conclusions are made with great thought and decisiveness. God is brought into the evaluation as a possible authority on morals. Along with God's benevolent personality, his wrath comes into question. Ultimately, his ominipotence is either embraced or shunned. This is because of his decisions and commands to wipe out entire populations including innocent children. This decision of his, eliminates him as being altruistic, loving, and trustworthy in the eyes of the many philosophers.

However, in my mind as I try to process his ominpotence, omnipresence, ominiscience, I am brought to a confidence. If God is God, as he says he is, and he possesses the ability to be everywhere all the time simultaneuously, seeing all, knowing all, judging all right through their most inner thoughts, from eternity to eternity, he is someone I want as a mentor. I want the best teacher I can possibly have when it comes to living and dying. I want to have his insight on my brief existence of 80-100 years. Obviously, he has "learned" a tremendous amount regarding humans. He is the Master philosopher. He, in his position of greatness allows us to sit and reason with him. This can be found over and over in the Biblical writings, and he even allows us to test his promises to see if he is trustworthy.

However knowledgable we are on any one topic, we must remember that when we do approach him with our wisdom, we should remember our place. We are as children in the presence of a parent; a perfect parent. Because He is The Master of all things, we should be humbled and teachable; remembering that the instructor is more qualified than the student. If we open our mouths to fast our foolishness with be displayed, and our cockiness/ arrogance is made plain before all.

Today and in the afterlife, I will stand in humility to hear what he has to say, lest I should miss a crucial lesson and be left out in the cold and open to severe consequences due to hubris. To be wise is to realize our limitations and ablities. Only when we are consciously aware of these inadequacies can we begin to learn a truth that is beyond ourselves.

I commend Mr. Knievel for his adventurous willingness to submit himself to a God who will require him to lay down his life in order to find it. May he fight the good fight and finish the race in a manner worthy of a soldier. God bless him.

What do you think of a God who has the unlimited ablities and foresight? If you were certain that He was all that he claims to be, would you be willing to hear him out for the plans he has for your life? Write me and let me hear your thoughts on these things.

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